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Whether you're getting married, welcoming a new member to your family or trying to wrangle your family to get new pictures, you deserve to have memories captured forever! And that's what I am here for! 

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Bright and Natural

Images that reflect true emotion and create memories that last a lifetime


Charissa Lee

Charissa Lee Photography has become something I could only have dreamed of. My whole life I wanted to be a teacher but I am forever grateful that photography found me. 

I never realized how quickly time passes by until I became a mom. Moments are so fleeting and deserve to be captured. I already look back on pictures I took of her as a newborn and I can't believe how much she has changed. So I fell in love with this idea of saving a memory forever. Exactly how it felt, and looked. I love to look for the real, and raw moments, and the feelings you feel in the pit of your stomach. Those details matter. 

So when you hire Charissa Lee you hire more than just a photographer who will make you stand in a line and smile at the camera. You hire a photographer who believes that the inbetween moments are just as important as the posed ones you want to hang on your wall. 

I am Excited! Are you excited?!

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